Neurofeedback practitioners course

We run training course thoughtout the years in the UK in London and Cambridge and Greece, Croatia, and Italy. Please check the


Topics will include:
EEG frequencies and waveforms
The neural anatomy of attention and arousal
The international 10-20 electrode placement system
Intake/assessment procedure for protocol selection
running the session with practical hands-on experience

The object of this training course is to present a comprehensive approach to the clinical application of Neurofeedback. The course is intended for clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, educators, educational therapists, clinical social workers, rehabilitation specialists, and academic researchers in neurophysiology and biofeedback practitioners.


The course covers the EEG, neurophysiological modules of arousal, stability, and brain function, and clinical intake/assessment. The course includes practical hands-on experience of Neurofeedback equipment and the chance to experience the training for yourself.


Upon completion of the course, attendees will have gained a clear overview of the capabilities of the Neurofeedback process, how to evaluate clients with respect to its possible use, how to choose an appropriate EEG biofeedback protocol and implement it on computerised instrumentation, and how the process might be used in their individual practices. We recommend additional courses and clinical consultation following this initial course,


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