How does neurofeedback work?

The brain's electrical activity is picked up from the cortex by electrodes, which are placed on the scalp. This activity drives a computer game. When the activity meets certain specified criteria, (eg producing faster brainwaves in the pre-frontal cortex) the child experiences success with the computer game. In other words, the child plays the computer game using his/her brainwaves. Through operant conditioning, the child learns to change the way his/her brain works. Beneficial cortical activity is increased, dysfunctional activity is decreased - and learning and behavioural difficulties are diminished. After neurofeedback training, these functional changes can be seen in the EEG.


Neurofeedback is simple and rewarding

The technology is complex, but using it is simple. Children enjoy the experience of directing their own brainwave activity. This is an occasion where they are truly in control and can actually feel the difference they are making. ''I loved the SMR energy'' Lottie, aged 7.