What our clients say


Greg, aged 9
A loving family and 2 years' dedicated work with the behavioural support team wasn't enough to help Greg control his angry outbursts. His oppositional behaviour was affecting his performance, his friendships and the well-being of his whole family. One day, just weeks before the summer holidays, a particularly serious outburst resulted in his temporary exclusion. A brain map, or 'QEEG' revealed unusually elevated levels of high beta activity in the frontal and central areas. Using neurofeedback, Greg increased his alpha activity. Gradually, as his behaviour came under his control, his schoolwork and relationships improved and he became 'a pleasure to teach'. Greg received the 'Most Improved Student of the Year' award - and the coveted place at his next school was assured.

''Many people have helped him throughout his school years, but I remain convinced that the outlook for him would have remained poor without neurofeedback training. This therapy has returned to me a very loving and loveable child'' Greg's Mum.


Nick, aged 9.
Nick's mum, herself a childcare worker, stumbled across neurofeedback by chance. She admits being sceptical about the idea at first, though she believes that different approaches can act like 'keys' to unlock hidden potential. Nick's fine and gross motor skills had always presented a problem and, unsurprisingly, his QEEG revealed a generalised slowing of the EEG spectrum. But after just 3 neurofeedback sessions, targeted towards activating the sensori-motor strip, he was puting on his own pants and socks for the first time! After 15 sessions he was pedalling the shiny, unused bike that used to stand idle in the driveway. And, when he returned to his occupational therapist after a 6-week course of neurofeedback she was duly impressed. ''I was surprised by Nick's sudden ability to do bilateral work - he had come on tremendously!''


"sometimes parents of special needs children just don't feel that they're getting anywhere, but since having neurofeedback Nick's progress has been quite amazing - and it's not just his motor skills, he's actually coming out of his own little world and engaging in real conversation now!" Nick's Mum.



Ryan, aged 10.
A friend of Ryan's mum saw an article about neurofeedback in a London magazine and got on the phone to her right away. Ryan had ADHD and had been on Ritalin for 3 years. It seemed to help at first, but despite his IQ of 138, he was being educated partially in a special youth unit and partially in a mainstream class with children much less intellectually able. Ryan was tiny, pasty-faced, angry and violent. He was a poor sleeper and a poor eater who was constantly battling with himself, with school, with everybody. Ryan's mum made the journey south from Lancashire and stayed with friends while Ryan did an intensive, 2-week course of neurofeedback training. He came off Ritalin to have a brain map made which revealed a very high theta to beta ratio (typical in ADHD brains). At the end of the first week, at a family gathering, no one could believe the Ryan they saw. He was calm, considerate - and making polite conversation...

"It was like a miracle - literally like a miracle! He's put on a stone, he's grown about 4 inches, his face has filled out and there's a sparkle in his eye. He used to say he wanted to kill himself. Now he's got his head up and he's wearing hair gel! And he actually played Monopoly with his sister recently - they've never, ever played together before. We still have some work to do with his hyperactivity, but we've got a home unit now and we'll do training with him every day. I have hope for his future now. Neurofeedback has changed our lives. He won't be going back on medication".